When you arrive in the Stuttgart Region, the first thing you will do is look for accommodation. There are numerous possibilities in the state capital Stuttgart and the five surrounding districts in the region.

Looking for accommodation

You can find apartments and houses on property websites and in the classified ads in the newspapers. We have listed some examples here (in German only). The links will take you directly to the respective property ads:

  • Rental apartments in Stuttgart (Immonet)
  • Rental apartments in the Stuttgart Region (Immobilienscout24)
  • Shared accommodation in the Stuttgart Region with a radius search function (wg-gesucht)
  • Property ads in Böblinger Bote regional newspaper
  • Property ads in Böblinger/Sindelfinger Zeitung newspaper
  • Classified ads in Gäuboten newspaper
  • Property portal of Esslinger Zeitung newspaper
  • Property ads in Nürtinger Zeitung newspaper
  • Property ads in Neue Württembergische Zeitung newspaper (Göppingen district)
  • Property ads in Ludwigsburger Zeitung newspaper
  • Property ads in Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper
  • Property ads in Stuttgarter Nachrichten newspaper
  • Property ads in Waiblinger Kreiszeitung newspaper (Rems-Murr district)

You can also hire a broker in return for payment of commission.

Short-term accommodation

If you are looking for a temporary solution until you move into your own apartment, you may find suitable accommodation on the following websites:

  • You can find furnished rental apartments in the region for short-term letting here
  • You can find furnished apartments and houses in Stuttgart for short-term letting here
  • You can find furnished rooms, apartments and houses in Stuttgart for short-term letting here
  • You can find guesthouses, holiday lets and lodgings in the Stuttgart Region here
  • You can find hotels in the Stuttgart Region here
  • You can select youth hostels in the Stuttgart Region here
Student accommodation

If you are studying at an institute of higher education in the Stuttgart Region, you can also live in student halls. You can find out about the student halls on the following websites:

Shared accommodation may also be an alternative to living alone. For example, you can find a room here (in German only):

  • Shared accommodation in the Stuttgart Region with a radius search function (Studenten-WG)
  • Shared accommodation in the Stuttgart Region with a radius search function (wg-gesucht)
Lease agreement and ancillary costs

When you rent an apartment or a house in the Stuttgart Region, a written lease is always concluded.

The lease generally contains the rent excluding incidental costs, i.e. only the cost for using the space. Incidental costs are usually charged additionally. What makes up incidental costs can vary. Examples of incidental costs are water, heating or management fees. As a result, you should ask your landlord or landlady before concluding a lease what the incidental costs include and what other costs you can expect to pay.

The tenant transfers the ancillary costs to the landlord or landlady each month together with the rent. Additionally, a once-off deposit that amounts to several months' rent is quite common. You get the money back after you move out.

Helpful hint: May sure to pay your rent on time. The best way to do this is to arrange a standing order with your bank for transferring the rent.

You can find information on your rights as a tenant as well as further information on all topics relating to renting from the tenants' association Deutscher Mieterbund (in German only).

Helpful hint: Persons with a low income can get rent allowance to supplement their rent. You can get information on the application procedure from the 'Wohngeldstelle' (rent allowance department) at your municipal authorities.

Energy and water providers

If electricity, water or gas for heating are not included in the rent incidentals, you have to choose a provider yourself and enter into an agreement with them. Your landlord or landlady will be able to give you the contact details for your local provider. The prices of the electricity providers often differ greatly, so it is worthwhile doing an internet comparison.

Telephone, internet and TV

In Germany there are various providers for telecommunications services. Comparisons are worthwhile. For example, many providers offer cheaper bundles comprising phone and internet and/or TV. Online portals are helpful for comparison purposes.

Regardless of which provider you choose, in Germany there are licence fees for radio, TV and internet-enabled PCs. The rule is: "one household - one contribution", regardless of how many people are living in the household and how many such devices are in use there. Every household is obliged to register with the 'Beitragsservice' (fees department) after moving in. You can register online on the website of the 'Beitragsservice' (in German only).

Helpful hint: It is best to contact the telecommunications provider of your choice before you move in, as it can take several weeks to set up the telephone and internet connection.


Municipalities by district

Landkreis Ludwigsburg


Landratsamt Ludwigsburg
Landrat Dietmar Allgaier
Hindenburgstraße 40
71638 Ludwigsburg
Tel.: +49 7141 144 0
Fax: +49 7141 144 396

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